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Are limiting beliefs and strongholds affecting your health?

Have you sought to create new healthy habits only to find that you reach a roadblock at a certain point based upon your limiting beliefs such as: "This is just my lot in life" or "My parents had this condition. It's just genetic." or "This is just part of getting older" or even "I hate to exercise. It's just not for me." Or you find that you just can't get past a certain painful part of your childhood or painful events in your past. And it continually comes up in your day-to-day encounters, even though you feel as if you've dealt with it.

What if I told you that you could create new thought patterns and rewire your brain to no longer accept those negative thought patterns and reactions or emotions? In 1949, Donald Hebb, a Canadian neuropsychologist, coined the phrase "Neurons that fire together wire together." Meaning that the neurons fire to respond to a particular stimulus and create something similar to a "rut" in the brain regarding that particular activity and the response that we feel and exhibit. This creates a loop in our brain regarding how we might respond to a particular incident.

Dr. Bessel Van Der Kolk, in his groundbreaking book The Body Keeps the Score offers some amazing insight into healing from this loop of past traumas, which have created strongholds in our life such as negative thought patterns and the emotions tied to those. He suggests that the key to retraining the brain and resolving traumatic stress is the use of "limbic system therapy" which essentially trains the brain to process information differently. And even teaches how to assign new emotions to old memories, in order to break out of the "rut" which has been created in the brain from the consistent firing of neurons in old patterns.

The great news is the first place to start is in the recognition of old patterns. Make note of when they tend to happen and in what circumstances you begin to feel them well up. Is there a specific trigger? If so, what? Make note of it. Make note of where you feel that in your body? Do you struggle with headaches? Gut issues? Many times our beliefs will manifest in our physical bodies and until we deal with the underlying root causes we are unable to achieve the divine health we long for.

As a believer, I find great power in prayer and in the word of God. I see that even David struggled with this as I read Psalms. There are times where David discusses that his health and his body are faltering due to what is occurring in his mind and what he is enduring in his soul. We cannot separate our physical bodies from what our soul and emotions have endured. Eventually, unresolved emotions and traumas must be dealt with so that we "are not deprived of health" as David mentions in Psalm 38.

In The Body Heals Itself, Emily A Francis, discusses how our "muscles are storehouses of emotion". And specifically that "pain in those muscles is how your body reveals what needs to be healed-both emotionally and physically". What we don't release our body will indeed carry and it can manifest itself in areas of pain and weakness in our body, as well as a negative mindset,

I believe a 2 pronged approach is the best approach to healing. I believe in biblical counseling and therapy that focuses on healing and not just reliving the pain. Working towards a solution and changing the heart and mindset are key. While also looking at the physical body for what is imbalanced, which can also then help bring your emotional, spiritual and mental health back into balance. We can test for chemical imbalances, hormonal imbalances, mineral imbalances, food sensitivities, inflammation and even bioresonance scanning of particular body organs. Asking questions such as: Are gut imbalances causing issues with neurotransmitters which are also affecting brain activity, which can lead to depression and anxiety.

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