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Are You Getting Your Daily Dose of Sunshine?

One of the best ways we can improve our health is with a daily walk outside in the sunshine. This may seem controversial, because sadly over the last several decades, we have been told that we should fear the sun. This is the antiquated advice being shouted from the rooftops but fails to acknowledge the deeply beneficial work that the sun does for us on a daily basis.

There are a multitude of bodily systems that require daily sunlight to function. When sunlight hits your skin it converts cholesterol in the skin to make all of your hormones, including Vitamin D, which plays a crucial role in maintaining proper bone structure and supporting your immune system.

By exposing your eyes to the sun in the morning, without sunglasses, you are resetting your circadian rhythm and priming your brain for the all-important release of melatonin 12 hours later.

If you want to exponentially improve your morning sunlight experience, add grounding and horizon gazing too. Grounding is the practice of putting your bare feet on the ground as a way of connecting to the energy/electrons from the ground. The research has shown improvements in mood, inflammation and immune response to name a few. Horizon gazing, if your view allows it, is the practice of staring out into the horizon as to widen your gaze. We can induce a state of calm and reduce our stress by allowing our eyes to take in a wider panoramic view.

As with everything else, use common sense when it comes to sun exposure. Don't stay out so long as to get burned. Go in and out as needed. Wear a hat, if you prefer. Wear mineral, chemical-free sunscreen if you know you will be out for an extended period of time.

If you find that you can not tolerate the sunshine without sunglasses, this may indicate a mineral imbalance.

For more specifics on this and mineral status testing, feel free to reach out for a Free Discovery Call!



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