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Are You in the Zone? Don't Miss out on the Benefits of Zone 2 Cardio.

Once you have started walking daily and also added in several days per week of strength training with progressive overload, your next goal would be to add in Zone 2 Cardio 1-2 days a week.

Zone 2 Cardio is a low-intensity form of exercise which focuses on maintaining a target heart rate typically between 65-75% of your maximum heart rate for about 30-45 minutes.

Aerobic Threshold Calculation: 220-age =your maximum heart rate Max HR x .65=lower range for heartrate MAX HR x .75 =upper range for heartrate You should be able to hold a conversation and breathe through your nose.

You can pick any activity you enjoy, but don't want it to be overly burdensome or taxing to the body or joints. You can do some fast walking, dance aerobics, very light jog, bike ride, row machine and even an incline treadmill.

Zone 2 Cardio will: increase cardiovascular health , promote weight loss, increase healthy mitochondrial function, which results in more efficient oxygen transportation, thus improving metabolism and energy production and improve mood.

Mid-life women will find Zone 2 Cardio extremely beneficial as excessive HIIT training or high intensity endurance training can be too much stress on an already taxed system, such as that of a woman in peri-menopause, due to her declining hormones and typically overburdened adrenals In fact, high intensity endurance training has been shown to: lower metabolism lower thyroid function disturb the gut interfere with strength gains.

Zone 2 Cardio will also help to bring your body into a more parasympathetic state compared to high intensity training. This will allow you to recover and rest from all types of training much more efficiently.

The easiest way to track your heartrate is with a simple heart rate monitor and you can easily find one that also tracks your daily steps!

For optimal strength training gains, you will want to do your Zone 2 cardio on a different day than you are doing your strength training, as to avoid being more fatigued before your strength training, which could negatively impact those gains. OR You could wait 4-6 hours after your strength workout to engage in cardio.



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