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Are You Lifting Heavy Weights? If Not, Here's Why You Should?

As we age, we lose muscle. Each decade after 35 we lose 5% of our muscle mass if we don't do anything to fight it.

The good news is that we can fight this muscle loss with consistent strength training! Additionally, the best method for fat loss is actually strength training. Muscles are metabolically active tissue, thus the more muscle you have, the more calories it will take to maintain it and the more calories you can take in on a daily basis without weight gain.

The benefits of strength training are almost innumerable, but to name a few in addition to fat loss: It helps to strengthen the bones, as well as the muscle. It can help with bringing hormones back into balance. It can help with mobility as we age. And it can positively affect our cognition, mood and sleep.

If you want the most bang for your exercise "buck" then strength training is where you will find it! Start with a few days a week with a program in which you progress week to week and build up your training volume, strength and skill over time.

Progressive overload with reps and weight size is where you will see the most hypertrophy (muscle growth)

You will gradually begin to focus less and less on the scale and actually begin to set your goals toward strength gains , muscle growth and an overall better quality of life!

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