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Are you Metabolically fit and healthy? Only 1 in 8 Americans is!

To be metabolically healthy means that your body is absent of metabolic disease, such as insulin resistance; your body's metabolism is flexible and can alternate efficiently between carbs and fats for fuel; you have an ideal level of blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure and an ideal waist circumference. And all of this is true without using medication!

To find out if you're metabolically healthy, ask yourself these questions:

Do you become agitated or moody is you don't eat every 2-3 hours?

Do you feel weak and tired after eating?

Do you frequently have brain fog and lowered attention span?

Do you feel anxious or nervous if you don't have snacks on hand and can't eat every 3 hours?

The more questions you answered yes to, the higher the likelihood that you have metabolic inflexibility.

One of the best ways to improve your metabolic flexibility is to improve your gut microbiome because there is a strong association between gut health and inflammation, slow metabolism, weight gain and diabetes.

This is because leaky gut has allowed increased permeability in the gut which allows bacteria, waste and antigens into the bloodstream.

The worst offenders are called Lipopolysaccharies or LPS. These are endotoxins and cause a strong overreaction of the nervous system. They then leak into the bloodstream and cause serious bodywide inflammation which can look like:

inflammation of the gut, poor nutrient absorption, strong immune response and gastro issues such as food intolerances, celiacs and leading to autoimmune disorders.

What causes this increased gut permeability in the first place?

Many things, including:

NSAID therapy such as Aleve and Ibuprofen, toxin exposure, old age, strenuous exercise, lack of nutrients, overuse of alcohol, antibiotics, gluten and dairy sensitivities, birth control pills and chlorine and fluoride.

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