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Are you staying properly hydrated or just drinking water?

How much water are you drinking per day? Conventional wisdom typically tells us to drink 1/2 our body weight in ounces of water per day. But, does it end there?

If we are just drinking plain water, it can slow our metabolism and thyroid function, as well as cause us to excrete magnesium, sodium and potassium. If we don't replace the water and electrolytes lost, we can become dehydrated.

Water alone is not enough to hydrate our cells. We need electrolytes added to our water in order to facilitate electrical signaling throughout the body, especially if we are sweating it out via exercise.

There may even be some changes to our thirst mechanism during menopause! And those hormonal imbalances could also have a diuretic effect on women. Electrolytes can be so important in helping to mitigate menopause symptoms by regulating fluid balance and temperature. These electrical signals conduct thousands of chemical reactions within our body.

What does being well hydrated look like? Abundant energy, improved performance in exercise, less physical fatigue, optimal cognition and memory, balanced mood and hormones and not peeing all the time.

Our bodies require 7 main electrolytes: sodium, chloride, potassium, magnesium, calcium,phosphorus and bicarbonate.

You can get these electrolytes in whole foods form such as:

coconut water, green tea, fresh fruits and veggies,bone broth, dairy

and even red meats, which also have a high amount of minerals.

AND you even make your own Sole Water:

16-20 ounce Mason Jar

Fill with filtered water

1 cup of mineral/Himalayan salt

Shake jar

Allow to sit for 24 hours, till the salt dissolves

Mix 1 tsp of your sole water into about 8 ounces of your drinking water first thing in the morning and as needed throughout the day

It is primarily water + sugars, as well as man-made chemicals, colorings, preservatives and stabliizers!

But Gatorade, is one of your worst options. In fact, a 28 ounce bottle of the Blue Cherry contains 48 grams of ADDED sugar which is as much as 21 Hershey's chocolate kisses (per the Hersheyland website 5/23)

And since sugar is a DIURETIC this is very counterintuitive for staying hydrated!

When your body is properly hydrated with the correct balance of electrolytes, it will be able to perform all of its required tasks to the best of its ability.

Proper hydration is essential for all our bodily functions.



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