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Are You Taking A Daily Walk?

Walking is one of the easiest and most effective tools we can use to improve our health. The average person in the United States gets in about 5,100 steps a day.

Less than 5,000=sedentary

Less than 8,000=low activity

8,000-10,000=somewhat active

Over 10,000=active

For the average person, a 10 minute walk equals around 1,000 steps. One study showed that when steps were decreased that hunger cues increased. At 8,000 steps, hunger is regulated. Studies have shown that those who have lost weight and kept it off have averaged 12,000 steps a day. Studies have also shown that those who did average 12,000 steps a day lost about 7% body fat in one year without any nutritional changes. If the thought of 8,000-12,000 steps a day seems too daunting, start with one 10 minute walk a day. And then work up to a second 10 minute walk after a meal. Daily walks help to improve sleep quality, lose body fat, decrease blood pressure and clear toxins and waste. They can also lessen stress and improve mood and allow for self reflection and prayer in an otherwise busy life.

In time, you will see yourself become a habitual walker and reap all the benefits!



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