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Clinical Signs of Stress. Do you have any of these?

There are clinical signs of stress that can be measured. Do you have any of these?

*High Resting HeartRate/Beats Per Minute 75 BPM+

*High Blood Pressure 130/85+

*Low Body Temperature <98 degrees upon waking

*Flu-like symptoms after exercise or stressful event

*Erratic HeartRate Variability

*Dilated Pinpoint pupils

There are also Functional Medicine Lab Testing Markers as well, including:

*High/Low Cortisol /Thyroid

*High/Low Electrolytes

*High/Low Blood Sugar

*High CRP, Homocysteine, LDH, Potassium on Bloodwork

*Gut Permeability and Digestive issues

My go-to tests for assessing stress levels and making recommendations based upon the results are:

1) The Thyroid/Adrenal/Hormone Test-this test looks at all sex hormones, cortisol levels , thyroid, DHEA, Insulin and A1C.

2)Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis- This test looks at minerals to determine stress levels of the Nervous System via the balance of the minerals. It also shows heavy metal toxins.

If you are showing any of these clinical signs of stress and would like to pursue testing, please check out the "start here" tab on this website.



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