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Have your hormones been disrupted?

Dr. Lindsey Berkson defines a hormone disruptor as a "chemical or mixture of chemicals from outside the body that can interfere in the development or function of body systems in humans and wildlife, especially in their offspring, and may lead to irreversible adverse health effects."

These chemicals can then disrupt our endocrine system by acting like a hormone in our body. In wildlife research these chemicals have been shown to send these mixed up messages which in turn block the messaging of the animals own hormones. And the effects are devastating! Male fish start to make female egg proteins. Female gulls start nesting with other females. Panthers are born with deformed testicles. And male alligators are unable to reproduce due to the small size of their sex organs.

What does this mean for humans? Are the effects just as devastating? These man made chemicals have bombarded our environment over the last 50 years! And they enter our body through our food, the water we drink and bathe in, our air and the products we use Many of these chemicals can masquerade as our own natural hormones and in fact, can bind to our own natural hormone receptors.

This can lead to major negative changes in our health These endocrine disruptors (xenoestrogens) can mimic , alter and block the natural balance of our hormones. They can also modify the number of hormone receptors that we have and thus interfere with the natural hormone signaling in our body.

So, what are we to do? As previously discussed (in a prior post), we will want to clean up our lifestyle as much as possible, including:

*Filtered water

*Filtered indoor air

*Clean and organic whole foods and produce

*Clean and organic laundry and household cleaning products

*Clean beauty and hygiene products, including feminine hygiene products.

We also want to think about these additional things as well: Are you using plastic storage containers and reheating leftovers in them so that the chemicals are allowed to leach into your food? Are you using a microwave? Are you using plastic wrap and aluminum foil? Do you drink from plastic water bottles? Are you cooking with and consuming seed oils? Are you using pesticides in your yard?

Use these ideas as a starting point to begin to make the necessary changes in your life. Start small and change one habit a week or every few weeks and see if you notice a difference in how you're feeling. You may find yourself amazed at the behavioral and hormone shifts that you will feel when you start to remove the toxic overload in your life!

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