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How do you define health?

The Lancet defines health as the ability of a body to adapt to new threats and infirmities. Are you healthy enough to adapt to adversity?

Acute stress creates a cortisol release which is normal but not intended for the long term. We should be healthy enough to be able to adapt to this type of stressor.

Chronic ongoing stress is very common in our society and is where real problems can begin to occur.

Hormedic stressors are short intermittent bursts of sudden kinds of stressors such as HIIT exercise, sauna and cold plunge, which are all very popular these days. These can trigger a cascade of cellular processes which are intended to make you more resilient to future stress.

The problem arises when we are under chronic stress and then try to incorporate hormedic stressors into an already chronically overstressed life.

If you are noticing that you have trouble losing weight and/or are feeling fatigued after HIIT, exercise or sauna (for example) or are just feeling sluggish or as if your metabolism has "slowed down" then it could be that these hormedic stressors are just too much for you!

Your body is talking to you and your cells are trying to prioritize your survival. It's time for your body to relearn safety and to get out of the state of chronic stress.



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