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It's Never too Late to Become Who You've Always Wanted to be!

But you may have to change your habits and mindset and establish a new identity that clearly states, "This is who I am and this is what I do". You will have to first ask yourself, "Who do I want to be?" AND "What do those habits and behaviors look like if this is who I am and this is what I do?"

As you make these changes to your mindset and your habits, you will find over time that your identity changes and you will begin to see yourself established in this new identity. But you must start first with the mindset!

As a woman in my 50s, I can identify with the idea that "I'm just getting older and I can't be as strong or as healthy as I once was." OR I can create a new mindset and identity that doesn't accept that and says instead, "I am in my 50s and I will be the strongest and healthiest I've ever been".

My old mindsets and beliefs around aging will have to change and I will have to have a new mindset that clearly identifies what I want my life to be. That will then include new habits and behaviors that will illicit the outcome I desire. This will involve small actionable steps daily!

These can start small and include things as simple as studying biblical truths, which speak life and accepting these as part of my God given identity Or increasing daily steps to become a little more active. Or making sure to get sunlight daily Or trying to get to bed a little earlier each night if I don't get enough sleep Or eating a healthy, whole foods breakfast.

Once I have accomplished the small things and created a few new habits then I can push towards greater goals for my new identity. Do I need to learn a new skill to accomplish this? If so, what actionable steps can I take toward that?

One of my small goals this year, was to be strong enough to do a pull -up! I researched and learned actionable steps to move in that direction. I started small with other exercises to help build those muscles. I then added a band to help assist me. And slowly, over time, my physical strength has grown and I can now do a few unassisted pullups. But my biggest growth is in my mindset. I now see myself as a woman who is strong enough to do a pull-up!

It's important to remember that our health is a journey and not a destination! We are allowed to learn and grow as we come across new information. We don't have to beat ourselves up if we've made bad decisions along the way or if we've encountered challenging times. We must forgive ourselves and move forward and look ahead to a bright future where we see ourselves in our new identity!

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