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My 5 current favorite "health" foods

I always prefer whole foods over supplmentation,if possible, since they supply the minerals and nutrients in the perfect ratios that nature provides.

They will always be the first choice!

These 5 foods made my list:

Red Meat

Wild Caught Seafood and Shellfish


Bee Pollen and Honey

Brazil Nuts

  1. Grass fed and grass finished red meat is loaded with lots of bioavailable protein and healthy saturated fats. Have you heard that saturated fats are unhealthy? The concern over saturated fat really began after the 1958 study done by Ancel Keys, called the Seven Countries Study. Due to the fear from this study, people began to see saturated fat as "dangerous". It would be later be discovered that Ancel Keys had only used countries in his study that further promoted his premise of a link between dietary fat and coronary disease. But, the damage had been done and for decades people believed that red meat was unhealthy! This is far from the truth as it is loaded with much needed vitamins and minerals. In fact, red meat is loaded with: B Vitamins, Zinc, Vitamin D, Selenium and Iron.

  2. Wild caught seafood and shellfish is nutrient dense and has heart health and brain benefits. It also has higher levels of beneficial Omega-3 essential fatty acids. It has a better nutritional profile which includes valuable vitamins, minerals and antioxidants such as: B vitamins, A, D and E vitamins, selenium, iodine, calcium, copper, magnesium and zinc.

  3. Dates support digestion, brain and heart health. They are antioxidant rich and provide potassium, zinc and calcium. They fill 13-19% of our daily fiber goal!

  4. Honey and Bee Pollen are rich in antioxidants. Bee Pollen is one of the richest food sources of B-vitamins available. Propolis (which is found in honey) may improve heart health.

  5. Brazil Nuts are a highly effective way to maintain or increase your selenium intake. This is important because selenium is a powerhouse mineral. It is antiantioxidant that helps in protecting cell membranes. It regulates thyroid hormone and can reduce thyroid antibodies. It also aids in the conversion of T4 to T3 in the liver. Selenium also stimulates the immune system.



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