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Want an exercise to lower your blood sugar that you can do while sitting?

Doctors and scientists have known that a brief exercise (like a walk) after meals (postprandial) moves glucose into muscle tissue and lowers the blood sugar response, but what if you could get the same response while sitting down?

Research that appeared in iScience has found that "activating the soleus muscle in the calf using a certain technique results in elevated muscle metabolism for hours." This technique is called the Soleus Push Up!

The soleus muscle runs from just below the knee in the back of the shin bone and down behind the calf to the heel.

Researcher Marc Hamilton PhD says that, "People can lower their blood glucose by about 50% with a single session of soleus muscle contractions."

So, how do you do a soleus push up?

1)Sit in a chair with your feet flat on the floor and your body relaxed.

2)Keeping the front of your foot on the floor, raise your heels to their full range of motion.

3)Release to allow your heels to return to the floor. And repeat.

"The study found that participant who continually performed soleus pushups saw elevated whole body metabolism levels and a 52% improvement in blood sugar regulation after drinking a glucose drink. The soleus pushup group experienced an increase in oxidative metabolic rate and a quicker decrease in blood glucose after ingesting a glucose drink."

Obviously this exercise would be great for people who have a sedentary lifestyle, such as office workers. And could even be used on plane flights or long car rides. There are additional benefits besides managing blood sugar. Incorporating these push-ups could also help improve lower body strength, as well as stability and overall balance.



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