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Want to know why excessive cardio won't give you the strong, lean muscular body you desire? Look to the Hadza tribe in Africa!

The Hadza are one of the last known hunter/gatherer tribes in the world. In order to survive and feed their tribe, they must hunt their food. They walk an average of 19 miles per day while the American recommendations are typically 5 miles per day for a healthy active person.

But when researchers measured the Hadza's calorie expenditure per day using the gold standard called the Doubly Labeled Water Method they were astounded to discover that the Hadza burn just as many calories as their Western counterparts. An average of 2,600 calories a day for men and 1,900 calories a day for women.

Researchers were puzzled and had to ask, "How is this possible? How could people who are so active burn the same amount of calories as people who are essentially sedentary."

The answer lies in the bodies ability to adapt. We adapt to a certain level of activity. We can't burn endless calories per day. Our bodies have evolved over the centuries to adapt to store fat as a critical energy buffer to survive potential lean times.

So, the bottom line is that excessive cardio is not the answer to burning calories. Our bodies are well-oiled machines that have adapted to protect us. If you want to increase your metabolism, you must do it through increasing your lean body mass via weight lifting and adding muscle to your body! And the added benefit of adding lean muscle mass is that you can increase cancer fighting, longevity and brain health, just to name a few!

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