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What happens when we ignore our body's natural signals for sleep? We throw off our natural rhythm!

This can lead to the big 3 dysfunctional diurnal rhythm patterns which eventually lead to burnout.

  1. Wired (high cortisol) is when a person feels like they can go-go-go with very little sleep and can't turn off a racing mind. These people are working off of pure adrenaline and cortisol. This will eventually lead to burn out and the potential is there for many other health issues.

  2. Tired and Wired is the classic case of adrenal resistance. This is when the HPA axis (adrenals, hypothalamus and pituatary) can't keep up with the stress demand and less cortisol is produced from the adrenal glands upon waking! These people are slow going in the morning and often need caffeine to get going and then get an energy spike at night when they actually should be winding down. If not addressed then this person could end up in the end stages of adrenal fatigue.

  3. Tired all the time- Low Cortisol is the final stage of adrenal fatigue. This is rock bottom burnout. And not even a good night's sleep is enough to bring energy levels back to normal. This is the point where everything in life seems like a chore.

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