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What is a Food Sensitivity At-home Functional Lab Test?

How does food sensitivity occur? It begins with intestinal wall damage which leads to increased permeability or "leaky gut". This then causes pathogens to escape into the blood stream and the immune system is triggered. This causes the person to develop immune reactions and food sensitivities.

Unlike typical food allergies, looking at IgG reactions can single out the foods that are causing hidden reactions 24-72 hours after you eat.

This simple at-home lab, using a finger prick blood sample, will test sensitivity levels (mild, moderate or severe) to 190 common foods.

Once your results are received, we will use a gut healing protocol, if needed, plus a food elimination diet. And then eventually a reintroduction of those foods.

If you think you might struggle with food sensitivities and would like to look at this as a potential root cause, please reach out to me via the Contact tab!

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