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What is an Integrative Health Practitioner?

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

The initial definition of the term "doctor" was that of a teacher. And as a Health Practitioner I instruct and enable my wellness clients to improve their overall health by teaching them the lifestyle practices such as diet, exercise, stress reduction, sleep , supplementation, and many more that enable them to heal.

The 7 Disciplines that I incorporate include:

1)Ayurvedic Medicine-The Science of Life and Body-Typing

2)Traditional Chinese Medicine and Herbalism-Unlocking Nature's Healing Wisdom

3) Eastern Philosophy-Using the Mind to Heal the Body

4) Traditional Naturopathy-Using "Right Living" to Rebalance the Body.

5) Bioregulatory Medicine-The Science of Self Healing and Rebalancing.

6) Orthomolecular Medicine-The Science of Vitamins and Minerals as "Medicine"

7) Functional Medicine-State of the Art Lab Testing to Pinpoint Underlying Root Causes



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