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What is the Omega- 3 Inflammation At-Home Functional Lab Test?

This is a great test for people with struggle with:

history of cardiovascular disease

high cholesterol

high triglycerides

dry flaking skin

joint pain and arthritis


learning disabilities

mood disorders

bed wetting

vision issues

Protecting your heart and watching your cholesterol and blood pressure won't always give you the complete picture. Inflammation levels are often a much better indicator of overall cardiovascular health.

Ongoing inflammation can lead to a number of other troubling issues if left undetected.

This finger prick at-home lab test will measure the ratio of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fats in order to analyze if there may be concerning levels of inflammation, which can negatively impact numerous systems in the body.

If you are concerned that your diet is oversaturated with Omega 6s (processed foods) vs. Omega 3s and would like to see your level of inflammation, please reach out to me via the Contact tab on this website!

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