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This is a 12 week coaching package.


This package includes a Hair, Tissue, Mineral Analysis test ($297 value), as well as lifetime access to  my Kickstart 12- week course ($99 value)


We will also work together bringing your body back into balance. We will implement a unique bio-individualized wellness protocol that will be customized to you. It will address your specific nutritional deficiences as well as removal of toxic burdens. We will be addressing foundational principles such as sleep, diet, movement, mindset, etc.


Here's what you can expect:

Four private coaching calls are included and will take place virtually via HIPPA compliant telehealth.  We will go over your extensive health intake forms so that I can understand what your specific concerns and goals are so we can work towards those together. Each week you will be able to go over a new module in the Kickstart Course and begin to implement those new habits before each of our monthly phone calls.

You will receive guidance in meal planning and exercise selection, as well as help in proper macro planning for your goals. We will also focus on stress reduction technique. And I will recommend wellness protocols, if needed, which are bio-individual to you. 

You will also have access to additional Functional Medicine lab testing, as well as Bioresonance testing, if we determine that it is needed.

I want to help you achieve a Life of Extravagant Health and Wellness!

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"I was having mild stomach issues for a few years, such as indigestion, discomfort and bloating. I spoke to my family doctor about it a few times and nothing was resolved.

The symptoms were exacerbated to a point where I had extreme cramps and pain so I spoke to Holly Adams. She believed I had a bacterial issue and she was right! 

Her guidance and wisdom were invaluable. The natural supplements, herbs and dietary changes began to heal me within a few days, but I was told the whole process could be a few months.  It was absolutely worth it! 

I feel better and more energized. It wasn't a goal, but I lost a fair amount of weight in the process.

I highly recommend the services of Holly Adams because she doesn't believe in quick fixes. The whole process was an opportunity to get at the root of my issues and heal me at my core."


"Holly Adams helped me with some long term issues I was having and set me on a path to helping correct some gut and insulin resistance issues. 

I now feel like I have more energy, less joint pain and have even lost a little weight.

I would highly recommend her services to anyone who has looked for answers but been unable to find the help they need!"


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